IMA Student Leadership Conference Branding 2021

Complete branding for IMA's Virtual 2021 Student Leadership Conference. This event takes place once a year for over 500 student professionals and academics globally. As lead creative manager, I created all branding and art directed all deliverables. Deliverables include: email banners, email templates, social media posts, magazine ads, website design and implementation, PowerPoint templates, video editing, and Instagram AR filters.




Institute of Management Accountants

Creating a Palette for Digital and In-Person

When choosing the palette for SLC21 during the uncertainty of COVID, it was not yet determined if the conference would be in-person or virtual. Since branding had to be completed ten months ahead of the conference, I was tasked with creating branding that could live in-person or digitally. The conference's theme and location changes yearly. If in-person, it would have taken place in Anaheim, California. 2021’s theme was, “Take Charge of Your Future.” The colors chosen reflect the blues of Anaheim, combined with deep purples to create a futuristic space-age theme. The palette conveys a feeling of vastness in space, which plays on with the theme of the future for 2021.

Customizing Artwork & Illustrations

In the time allotted, artwork was purchased and repurposed to integrate with the existing branding. Palettes and illustration hand were carefully edited to create a seamless and one of a kind look for SLC21. Several images were created using the color palette and theme to have options when sending out deliverables such as emails and magazine ads.

SLC Website on Cvent and Pathable

Registration for the conference was through Cvent, whereas the conference took place on Pathable. Using both sites CMS, I created similar looking websites on both pages for a seamless transition between the two.

Instagram AR Filters

To create a feeling of unity and fun while being virtual, Instagram filters were created to encourage sharing during the conference. I designed 3 different filters for students and academics to share via their stories. These were designed, then implemented in Spark AR.