IMA Conference Logos Rebrand

IMA features three conference series, each with its own unique identity derived from IMA's brand. This rebranding initiative has fostered cohesion across all three series while maintaining an "IMA first" approach. It involved creating logos inspired by the original IMA logo to represent each individual conference effectively.




Institute of Management Accountants

Simplifying Logos

Previously, all conferences required incorporating three separate logos on all materials: IMA's logo, the conference logo, and the conference theme logo. This complexity made it challenging to create smaller assets and often resulted in a cluttered appearance. To streamline this process, I developed a new, standalone logo that represents IMA. Now, new assets can simply incorporate the redesigned conference logo.The new conference logos are designed to harmonize with IMA's brand identity, using the same color palette and line work. In these logos, I adapted the vertical line from IMA's logo to a horizontal orientation and implemented IMA's updated font, Avenir.