Annual Conference Logo Rebrand

Marking the first year in-person after 2 years of virtual conferences, IMA's annual conference was rebranded and debuted, displaying a new name and look. Based on IMA's logo, I created a conference logo that is modern, flexible, and can live within the IMA family.




Institute of Management Accountants

Simplifying Logos

In the past, the Annual Conference has needed to have 3 different logos on all deliverables: IMA's logo, the conference logo, and the conference theme. This created a lot of difficulty when creating smaller assets, and also left a cluttered look. By updating and creating a new stand-alone logo that could represent IMA, new assets can simply use the new conference logo.

The new conference logo plays on IMA's logo, by using the same color palette as well as line work. In the new logo, the vertical line from IMA's logo has been made horizontal, and IMA's updated font, Avenir, has been used.

A Flexible Design

The IMA logo and conference logo both only had 1 horizontal version, which made it difficult to use in all scenarios. The new logo features two versions: horizontal and stacked, allowing it to be applied anywhere. When a smaller logo is needed, the simple IMA22 format can be used.

Every year, the conference logo is updated to represent the year.