Haverstraw Food Crawl

The Haverstraw Food Crawl celebrates the diverse culinary options of downtown Haverstraw, NY. For the 8th annual crawl, I was asked to create branding and artwork for the event, as well as handle all design and deliverables. Haverstraw is a river town with a strong cultural background. Living in Haverstraw, I wanted to illustrate how I experience the village. The final results were a huge success, with the help of social media and ads, the attendance tripled from previous years.




Haverstraw Riverwide Arts

Typography meets Illustration

Although the Food Crawl is all about food, I wanted the look and feel of the crawl to include hints of being on the Hudson River. I used a wave motif in the name Haverstraw, and also throughout the designs, such as on the flyer. For 'Food Crawl' I designed cut-outs in my own style.

The color palette features bold reds, yellows, and blues, which mirror the flavors of the town.

Spicy Patterns

For all the deliverables needed, I wanted to have a versatile selection of icons to choose from. Looking at the vendors for crawl, I picked ones that are highlights for the town and created illustrations based off their foods. The pattern was used as a background when needed.

Flyers & Postcards

Looking at past years, most of the artwork for the crawl was depicting the town in a literal sense. To stand out from past years, while also using my own style, I used typography and illustrated icons to organize the all the copy. The results were very well received by the town and business owners, who were happy to put posters in their windows.

Social Media

For the 8th annual food crawl, I helped with all social media and ad-roll, creating a schedule for Instagram and Facebook, as well as implemented AB testing. The new designs, and ad testing, resulted in thousands of attendees, 3x the number of previous years.

On-Site Maps

The crawl featured 24 restaurants, 5 breweries, 3 bands, entertainment for kids, and more. I designed a clear and concise double-sided map that was given to attendees upon arrival.