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Malz Palz

Malz Palz LLC is my small business that I began in 2016. I started small with designing enamel pins, prints and greeting cards. From there it has evolved into a larger business where I design apparel, jewelry, bags, and accessories, all created with my own illustrations.




Self Employed / Small Business

Everyone is a Pal of my dog Mal

It all started with love for my dog, Malygos, and from there the idea grew the more I drew.

When designing the Malz Palz logo, I aimed to create something simple that would resonate with my illustration style. My style primarily consists of shapes, and I love incorporating hearts whenever possible—a habit that originated from my childhood doodling. I believe there's always room for a small heart! Additionally, I’ve always drawn animals with heart-shaped noses, which adds a personal touch to my designs.

Malz Palz on Shopify & Instagram is currently live.

I built on the Shopify platform, designing the user experience as well as art directing all product photos.

Malz Palz (@malzpalznyc) on Instagram currently has over 4k followers. There's also custom stickers that can be used on social media stories when searching, "Malz Palz."

Malz Palz in Nordstrom

In 2018 Nordstrom collaborated with small brands for the Year of the Dog. I was contacted by a representative to stock my earrings and greeting cards for 5 flagship stores across North America. The popups lasted 3 months.

Malz Palz has also been featured in other stores nationally, including small shops and market popups.

Malz Palz for Kickstarter

In 2021, I collaborated with FinPinShop to create ITA Shark bag keychains. As the lead designer, I illustrated the bag and developed the technical pack for factories. The campaign was a resounding success, reaching its funding goal within hours and garnering support from 620 backers, ultimately raising a total of $29,612.

Apparel & Keychains

Branching out from smaller accessories, I have expanded into designing apparel and larger enamel products. My first collection, "I Am Not Nice," explores the juxtaposition that just because something is cute, it may not necessarily be nice.

Pet Portraits

Pet portraits are my favorite to illustrate! I love capturing a pet's personality in their illustration, whether it be a grumpy puppy, or a mischievous cat.


Illustrative patterns are used throughout a lot of Malz Palz designs, from greeting cards, to blankets, I like to re-use patterns throughout my designs.