IMA Women's Leadership Summit Rebrand

In 2020, IMA Women’s Leadership Summit underwent a complete rebrand to live within the IMA conference family. This event takes place many times globally, virtually, and in-person, with summits hosted in Europe, South East Asia, and the US (100-150 attendees). As lead creative manager, I executed all branding and deliverables for the US summits, as well as created branding decks, and templates for global events. I also oversee and art direct all global events, making sure branding is consistent.




Institute of Management Accountants

Creating a Palette

For the Women's Leadership Summit, I picked colors that represent power as well as colors that can live within the already existing IMA color palette. The rich purple has a history of representing ambition and creativity, all of which are perfect for a Leadership summit. The darker yellow is used sparingly to compliment the purple. A third pop color is picked to go in the palette, which switches out each year to refresh the branding.

A Full Rebrand

The new Women's Leadership Summit includes layered geometric shapes detailed by line work, while using imagery of assertive women in business settings. The rebrand helped attract the next generation in accounting to learn more about what IMA has to offer growing professionals.

Yearly Refresh

Each year, the third accent color is swapped out, as well as new imagery, to refresh the branding without making sweeping, unrecognizable changes. The continuity can be seen through the use of the deep purple and IMA blue. For global events, the imagery is swapped out to reflect that region.

Global Events

IMA's global offices also hold Women's Leadership summits. Using the brand guidelines I have created, IMA's global offices work with agencies to create the deliverables for each summit.