IMA22 Annual Conference

Complete branding for IMA’s 2022 Annual Conference, located in Austin, Texas. This event takes place once a year for over 1,000 accounting professionals globally. As lead creative manager, I executed all branding, art directed all deliverables, and while on-site directed photography and stage AV. Deliverables include: email banners, templates, social media posts, magazine ads, website design and implementation, motion graphics, adroll, on-site signage, PowerPoint templates, and more.




Institute of Management Accountants

ReIMAgine Your...

After 2 years of virtual conferences, IMA22 was the first in-person conference, with a theme of "ReIMAgine." The branding represents moving forward in an ever-growing digital age, while going outside the box for innovation and solutions. Geometric shapes can be seen breaking and overlapping a containing box around the theme, with digitized lines weaving subtly through the background.

Refreshing a Palette

The conference needed a fresh look to distinguish it from other IMA products, while being able to integrate with the IMA branding. Sashimi, a vivid orange-pink, was added as a contrasting pop of color to the core IMA palette. Gradients were created in the existing palette to energize the color scheme, while still reading as part of IMA.

Monthly Print Ads

Several conference ads were created for IMA's magazine, SF; including cover wraps and full spreads. These ads were repurposed for marketing and discount flyers.

Custom Cvent

IMA's Annual Conference website is hosted on Cvent. Using custom code and the Cvent CMS, I created an immersive  website that was fully branded and unique, setting IMA22 apart from other traditional Cvent sites. The website featured custom modules and iconography that were across all pages on the site.

Digital Ads & Emails

Leading up to the conference, weekly social posts and monthly emails were implemented; each ad and email featured a different design that highlighted conference branding and key reasons of why to attend. In keeping with Instagram's algorithm, motion graphics were used to create reels for maximum audience reach. Targeted ads were also created and ran for each registration phase.

On-Site Art Direction

While at the conference, I oversaw all design and creative needs including: stage lighting, signage placement–in addition to art directing two photographers. Each day, social selects were chosen for IMA's social media accounts.